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  • Keith R.
    Audi S8
  • David was very knowledgeable and professional. He explained the quality of the product, answered all my questions and concerns. The process from beginning to end was seamless. I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of work and highly recommend his services.

    W. So
    VW Golf GTI
  • Great Work! Appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail. Nice and clean shop and it shows the quality of your work that you love what you do.

    Audi A6 Prestige

Questions and Answers

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What does AUTONCUSTOM do?

We specialize in the installation and care of high-quality Paint Protection Films (PPF) for your vehicles. Our professionals are XPEL PPF factory-trained and certified to deliver the best results. We also offer high quality window tinting service. Our technician has 15 years of tinting in Metro-Atlanta area. We offer 3M high quality window film for your solar protective needs.

Which films does AUTONCUSTOM use?

AUTONCUSTOM exclusively uses XPEL brand PPF. XPEL Ultimate has the best warranty in the industry. XPEL Ultimate Film guarantees for 10 years against film cracking, bubbling, yellowing.

AUTONCUSTOM uses 3M automotive window film for your solar protective needs. 3M has most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty in industry.

Why ONLY XPEL paint protection film?

We believe that XPEL is the only PPF out there that provides the right protection. It is thick enough to protect against rock chips and its longevity is outstanding. XPEL is visually invisible when installed correctly. XPEL is recognized by the world’s best and it is installed daily around the world.

Which installation method AUTONCUSTOM use? hand-cut or computer pattern?

We are proud to use pre-cut patterns from DAP as well as our own designs. We believe that the edges are far SUPERIOR than when human cuts the film that is on the vehicle’s paint.

There is ZERO possibility for deep scratches from knives on the paint when we are using pre-cut patterns.

Pre-cut patterns are the future. It provides far better edge lines and zero possibility of damaging the paint.

What if I have a custom body kit?

At AUTONCUSTOM, we can make any custom PPF patterns. So you won’t need to worry about your investment getting scratched by use of knife.

Pre-cut patterns are the future.

How do I make an appointment?

Fastest way is to call us or text us at 678-760-8861 or 678-764-8180.

Please call to set up an appointment.

Our appointments are filling up fast!

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