About Us

AUTONCUSTOM is family owned and operated by two brothers with passion to provide high quality protection for high end cars and peace of mind for our clients. We have seen some of the qualities on high end vehicles in Atlanta. Even though the installation was not done properly from these shops, the owners of the cars believed that this was the norm. Our shop, however, guarantees expertise that won’t be found anywhere else. We received initial training from XPEL headquarter in 2012 and later traveled to South Korea to be part of the PPF technician team for the distributor of XPEL, AutoWAW. We traveled between States and Korea until early 2016.

We can be found here on XPEL

Our networking continued with Japanese distributor for XPEL, Yes!PPF. Yes!PPF is a very well known PPF network in Japan. We met with Tatsuya Ishiguro to trade skills and also receive advanced training with Tatsuya Ishiguro-san.

After completing this quest to further our expertise, AUTONCUSTOM was established on July 2016 to provide higher installation quality to clients in Atlanta.

Our mission is to provide quality clear bra installation with an exceptional service and inform our customers of their protection needs for their prized investment.

-Josh and David

2014. David working on cars at AutoWAW HQ.

Josh and Dave at XPEL training

Recent Advance training with Alex, XPEL instructor.

We are on XPEL dealer locator.

Advanced skill training from the best installer in Asia, Tatsuya Ishiguro-san.

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