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October 17, 2016

All New 2017 BMW 7 series

All New 2017 BMW 7 series Pre-cut Patterns Available for Installation!

Atlanta’s Quality Clear Bra Shop, AUTONCUSTOM, is proud to announce All New 2017 BMW 7 series Pre-cut patterns. The patterns are available for installation. All New 2017 BMW 7 series is applicable for promotions! 

All New BMW 7 Series Patterns

The color green is trying to depict where the installation will occur. Clear bra is Clear!

Pre-cut Patterns are plotted from Japanese-import plotter. Graphtec plotter is known for their machines to cut in precise ways.

Traditionally, Clear bra installers would stretch unnatural amount of film to make it go flat on the surface of the vehicle. Then they would use knife to cut right on the paint. Even the pros and masters of the clear bra would make a mistake and cut right into the paint. The cut will be very deep and only way to fix is to repaint on the brand new vehicle. Atlanta’s BMW owners do not have to worry about the deep scratches that could occur on the paint. We only use pre-cut patterns. If we do use knife, it is always away from the paint and in a way that is safe for your paint.

Atlanta roads can be very unpredictable. You can be driving on highway 400 towards Cumming, GA, you might run into construction with lot of road debris on the highway.

The paint damage on your new BMW is the last thing you want.

Atlanta BMW owners deserve protection that will last long and endure the unpredictable Atlanta roads.


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