Paint Correction and Why?

Have you ever looked at your vehicle from the side and thought it was covered in spider webs? But it is actually a swirl mark left after improper washing technique was used, such as circular motion of washing, “wax on and wax off.” Scratches will look white or light compared to optically clear polished areas.

Whether you drive Audi or Hyundai, first thing anyone sees is your vehicle. It might look “clean” far away, the appearance can become unclear due to the scratches and orange peels on the paint. Correcting these defects can make a cleaner finish of the vehicle.

Paint correction can be done between stage 1, 2, and 3.

Stage 1 Paint Correction

Less than 1 year old

Stage 1 removes light swirl marks and light micro scratches.

It is a stage for very lightly used vehicles to brand new cars.

If the vehicle is older than 1 year, and heavily swirl marked and marred paint, it usually correct 40~50% of the paint.

It will be sealed off with paint sealant.

StageĀ 1 starts at $500 cars and $650 SUVs


Stage 2+ Paint Correction

Older than 1 year old

Stage 2+ removes deeper micro scratches and heavy swirl marks (usually vehicles older than 5 years)

Depend on the paint type and condition, combining the Stages of compounding, correcting, and polishing, we are able to remove about 80~90% of the heavy swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and fading.

Corrected paint will be sealed with a paint sealant.

Stage 2+ starts at $600 up and $700 SUVs.

Want something longer protection than Paint sealant?

Opt into our Hydro-Glass Coating or ClearFX Coating

Hydro-Glass Coating is our in-house intro paint protection coating that lasts about 3 months.

ClearFX Attogenetic Surface Engineering is a premium paint protection coating that lasts 24 months.

These paint protection coating provides longer protection and provides properties to protect against tree-sap, bird drop, bug acid, and UV fading.

Learn more about ClearFX here

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